Reticent Cups

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White Slipped Flange Cup, H 3" x W 2"
Rob Barnard
Goblet with Lines, H 10.4 cm W 7.1 cm
Persian, 9th century BC, Faience
Ceramics of Ancient Persia, Shinji Fukai, Weatherhill, 1981; plate 46
Teacups with Brushed White Slip
Catherine White
Kohiki Teacups
Osao FUJITA (Shigaraki, Japan)
Rob Barnard
Gray Cup with White Dots
Tsuneo"Tsuyan" Narui (Mashiko, Japan)
Gray Teacup
Warren Frederick
Cup with Double Handles
Chinese, Qijia culture, Neolithic, 2000 BC
Pathways to the Afterlife: Sze Hong Collection, Denver Art Museum/University of Hawaii Press, 1993; plate 13
Two-Handled Goblet, H 19.5 cm W 8.2 cm
Troy, Early Bronze, 2250-2000 BC
Treasures from Turkey, Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Leiden, 1986; plate 72
Slab Handle Cup
Catherine White
Round Handled Cup
Byron Temple
Earthenware Cup
Triangular Cup
Warren Frederick
Footed Cup

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