Intimate Sets

Catherine White

Warren Frederick

Art ranges from the monumental to the intimate. Some objects embody both realms; trees can be majestic in their size and sense of age, yet the roots we sit upon and the moss covered bark we lean against can have a very personal, intimate impact. Intimate objects can also be an integral component of a monumental edifice; tombs of great grandeur and mass are nonetheless often filled with talismans of jewelry, pottery, and even food all intended to ease a transition to the imagined afterlife.

The aura and physical presence of monumental art is quite difficult to ignore -- whether truly intriguing or banal. On the other hand, intimate objects often exist beneath our aesthetic radar; without receptivity they are easy to miss.

Even though pottery must ultimately be handled and examined with the coordinated senses of touch and sight, an exhibit, book or a website all serve as valuable mechanisms for focusing awareness. Please contemplate the conceptual and physical roles that these--or other--intimate sets might perform as you examine this web exhibit.

Intimate Sets