Southeast Asian Ceramics
Freer & Sackler Galleries

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introduction to the collection


Ban Chiang, 300-200 BCE
Northeast Thailand, Earthenware

William Itter Collection
of African Pottery

enlarged - improved - fuller captions


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Standard Ceramic
Carnegie, PA

March 19- March 22, 2008


Asian Arts & Culture Center

Towson University
Towson, Maryland

April 8 - May 20, 2006

Vietnam, 15th Century

Glorious Pots:
A Millennium of
Southeast Asian Trade

Glorious Pots — 80 old Asian trade ceramics — tells tales of trade, traders, history, technology, adventure and the search for profits. These pots, sought after because of their utility, treasured for their beauty, fired from as early as the 12th century in kilns in China, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Burma and Laos, were sold throughout Southeast Asia.

Saturday, April 8th opening 2 pm with a talk by Louise Cort on Southeast Asian Ceramics

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Towson University Asian Art Center
see the website for directions

UBS Art Gallery

New York City

March 9 - May 19, 2006


Magdalene Odundo (1995)

Great Pots:
The Vessel as Art, 1900-2000
20th Century Ceramics
from The Newark Museum

This exhibit of 164 works which was organized by the Newark Museum from its collection separates 20th century ceramics into the categories of "beautiful," "useful," or "wise."

*Ten images from the exhibit*

UBS Art Gallery
1285 Avenue of the Americas
[between 51st and 52nd]
New York, NY 10019

Exhibit Hours
Monday through Friday, 8am - 6pm

Rob Barnard

Barnard-raw bottles

images and articles

Rob Barnard at ArtistPotters

Korean Pottery Website

Punch'ong Flask (Chosen, 16th century, H 22 cm)

The Ho Am Art Museum has almost 200 images of earthenware, Chosun white porcelain, Koryo celadon, and Punch'ong pottery.

Reticent Cups


Precolumbian Portfolio and

Mayan Vases

Veracruz canteen;

copyright Justin Kerr #4865

Justin Kerr has extensively photographed Mayan vases, turning 3-D vessels into "rolled-out" images. He has been adding to his Precolumbian photo portfolio which currently has 342 clay entries with diverse figurative and vessel forms. There is also an extensive, searchable Mayan Vase database of images.

Asian Traditions in Clay: The Hauge Gifts

Images from a current exhibit at the Smithsonian's Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Washington DC with Iranian, Islamic and Khmerceramics. [Exhibit intro ; exhibit tour]


Anagama Construction Info

Construction photos and "home-made" refractory castable details.


A potter from Shigaraki, Japan who demonstrates the value of searching for the aesthetic potential that resides within a ceramic traditon, yet is personally-defined.

Catherine WHITE

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